No matter the weather, or load shedding... our door is always open!
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We enjoy entertaining Barrydale locals, as well as tourists from across the world with our unique Karoo Kos-mopolitan experience.

Living in the Karoo started as a dream.
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Our customers love the warm and inviting ambience of Karoo Daisy as well as the lush, beautifully cherished garden.

Good food takes time...
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We have a simple, enticing and varied menu and always provide quality over quantity, every time.

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We discovered Barrydale at the end of 2017 and began dreaming about living a different lifestyle, away from the city of Cape Town. Living in the Karoo started as a dream. After regular visits to the area we decided that the time was right and made the decision, during lockdown no less, to begin the process of relocating early in 2021.

It was a bold move to leave behind all that was familiar to us for so long and most people would probably consider us risk takers. Opening a restaurant during a pandemic, in winter in a small Karoo town does seem a bit of a loony choice after all. Although it was not all going to be roses, or is that daisies, we had a truly positive feeling about our chosen future, not to mention the excitement of a new creative adventure.

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Coffee Bar - Eatery - Market

We began renovating the exterior of the building in February 2021 and opened for business on 28th May. One month later Covid forced us to offer only takeaways and we were blown away by the support we received during this time. Thank You to all of our customers who supported us so eagerly during this time.

Of interest to note is that although the building design very strongly resembles a place of worship, it has never been a church. Built around 2016, makes this a very young build. The fact that it is situated alongside a graveyard is probably also a misleading factor for many passers-by.