How fast a year can fly by... Come celebrate Karoo Daisy's 1st Birthday on Saturday 28th May. 
Enjoy Sienna Safari  in a duet with Ama Geisie. The ladies sing their own compilations as well as favourite covers.
Starts around 6pm, full menu until 8pm.  Free Entry!
Then dance tunes with us until late! Bar all night.
Bring your pooches to the jukskei baan alongside Karoo Daisy Restaurant on Saturday morning - 28th May @11am for a relaxed, fun morning with your fur-babies.
Depending on what doggies arrive, we will have different categories - oldest, cutest, scruffiest, shyest, most handsome/beautiful, most playful. best groomed, naughtiest, best behaved...etc. 
The intention is to have some fun, make it up as we go and connect with our villagers and their special pets. There will be small "prizes" and no doggie goes home without something special.
Would you like to be our impartial "judge" on the day? Please let us know
Contact Hayley for more info 0845569700
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Tanya Vee event
What a wonderful project to raise funds for rural upliftment and creation of food gardens. Please donate generously. We are raffling a one-of-a-kind Rudolph Clench artwork featuring your bike? Perhaps, if you participate!
Events - Pensioner Wednesdays-H900