"This is an opportunity to shift career. It's a major decision for me having been in the environmental field for the past 20 years but I see now how I will be able to incorporate my passion and merge it into Karoo Daisy.

I love that I'm going to be doing something I never thought I'd do. I never thought I'd run a restaurant! What excites me is that I have a partner who has run kitchens, and who has managed restaurants in the past so he has essential experience and I am excited about what I am going to be able to learn from him. Having worked in the single-use plastic reduction world as an activist for the past 15 years, I now have an opportunity to include those learnings into this business and have an incredible grounding, a very solid understanding of my integrity in that journey, and an absolute commitment to the journey ahead.

Thomas and I want our customers to feel welcome and nurtured at Karoo Daisy. We aim to create in them the feeling of wanting to stay longer than maybe they had originally planned or anticipated. We want our customers to walk away with a big smile on their faces, feeling that we had time for them and understood their needs. Our wish is that guests leave us feeling well-nourished and completely satisfied and we want to be known to offer value for money, every time.

Karoo Daisy is the perfect functions and events venue for hire. The style of our building and surrounding landscape lends itself to all manner of celebrations and we look forward to hosting many a happy occasion in the years to come.

We plan on doing kids events at Karoo Daisy and we want our customers (and their kids) to feel welcome and that we are excited to see them every time they walk through the door. We also want them to see that we go out of our way for their children, we have time for them and we also provide fun activities for them to do during their time at Karoo Daisy. We want to be people's first choice every time they think of eating out until we become the obvious choice every time. Thomas and I look forward to seeing our customers return again and again and intend to make the experience so good for them that they feel comfortable recommending Karoo Daisy to friends and family too.

I believe that our customers are going to say that they are blown away by what we have created in the Karoo - a new restaurant that is a fresh breath of air! I trust that our customers are going to say our food was outstanding and we offer a great selection of choice and cater for all palates, without making it complicated. Our customers are going to be very impressed that we go so far as to offer vegan options and will see our creative and forward-thinking attitude in all that we do. Our cocktails are going to be a complete hit!

We have the best cocktails, hands down! Not yet, but it’s all in the creative pipeline… (to note: we have applied for our full liquor license. In the meantime customers should feel welcome to bring their own alcohol to enjoy)

Thomas has a real passion for cooking! He is excited to be getting back in the kitchen again and it has been wonderful for me to watch him and see how good he is at sourcing all the equipment we have needed online. He is so good at it and it has been so rewarding for me to watch him begin to build his kitchen!

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I would say that I am a good networker. I'm good at connecting people and I fit in well with any crowd. I'm very tenacious and walk my talk. I'm also a very consistent person, trustworthy, and am known for my passion, integrity, focus, and ethics."


After spending his South African army service serving up meals to the troops, Thomas set off to Cape Town to officially qualify as a chef at Cape Sun. Europe beckoned thereafter and he made his way working in some of the top restaurants in Germany and Switzerland.

Internet Technology (IT) had always been a hobby and Thomas soon decided to turn this pastime into successful businesses. After 26 years based in Switzerland and working globally, Thomas chose to return to his country of origin. Cape Town become his new home and here he renovated his first home, transforming a small house into a magnificent double-story guest house and self-catering accommodation.

A trip through Barrydale with Hayley sparked creative thoughts of relocating and being open to a new life journey.

"I am a reliable person, helpful, go out of my way to fix things, make the clients experience the way they are seeking it to be. Nothing is a trouble for me. I am Mr No Problem. I am very precise in what I do. I am open and honest. I am friendly with everyone and quite gregarious. Always a smile."

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